Wife Wanted Open Marriage Until Husband Started Dating – (Now Sh

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  1. This type of woman are always going to end up miserable because they are evil and selfish and they thinks this life is only about them, and they always expect care, while they are nothing but a selfish whores, and when they get exposed they get mad hahahaha crazy whores.

    Even her friends who used to slap her azz and lough and call it love and fun, did ran away and left her alone and moved on to other young girls and got married and had kids and got busy and forgot about her, and those crazy whores still wait and expect someone to show up and care about them while they are nothing but selfish “left over” nasty whore!!? and they expect men to leave all the sexy woman out there and pick them? hahahaha they are a joke
    No wonder that some of them decided to switch to girls when they failed to fool men and became lesbians and told themselves and others that it is their choice to make themselves feel better to avoid the fact that they have no other choice hahaha

  2. Oh right, and those crazy lesbians tell whore woman to switch to lesbians and that woman are nice, sweet, pretty and better then men, but it’s a lie and they themselves can’t get along with each other and they always end up with a lot of ex-girlfriends. Fake hypocrites and a bunch of funny losers.. hahahaha

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