[Response] "Father My Child" Single Mothers Are Begging

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  1. 0:18 “stop wasting our time and stop wasting our energy and stop hurting us”

    Only because your tiny brain realized that you are growing old and ugly and there is sexy pretty horny fun girls showing every day and you are nothing but a (left over) filled with all sort of troubles, does not mean that men should stop having fun with other pretty fun girls and be with a boring wh0re like you and get a headache!!? cuz why would they?

    You liked dating/love games and your azz has been blasted several times by ur friends, ur neighbors, ur school friends, and by strangers in the club while you were laughing and calling it FUN.
    You know why it is fun, so what happened? it is not fun anymore? why? cuz things are not going the way you like anymore? hahahaha

    Oh man this is so funny..
    – At young age “I need to be myself and have fun and pleasure cuz everyone doing it and I like how ppl flirt me”.

    – When they grow older “I hate judgy men, I don’t like men who ask about my past and they need to suck it up and trust me cuz I had fun and lots of d**ks and it does not matter anymore”.

    – When they grow more old “I like to judge men and they are bad, I need to tell them how to behave and I like to fix the world cuz I’m a good person”.

    – When they grow even more old “I will play it cool, play hard to get and play all sort of games and see how it goes”

    – Grow even more old “I like to be kind and humble with everyone play victim and ask for sympathy cuz I deserve it”.

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