Chik Tok – Girls Gone Mild!

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  1. Men r not pigs, ur type of woman r pigs cuz u thought it is ok for you to go around and be wh0re and get ur azz blasted by everyone u meet and u like it and u asked for it and u call it love and fun and u lough when u do it and u lough when u remember it, but now it is not fun anymore for you when men don’t want to stop from doing the exact same thing and marry ur nasty fart? perhaps u think young pretty sexy horny fun girls should stop doing the same thing u used to do? why? did u really thought the world is only about you and what ur stinky fart like?

    hahaha u r nothing but a joke… a left over… cuz u r selfish and nasty and u always think it’s about u.
    Instead of trying to blame men and lie or tell them to suck it up and marry u, maybe u should suck it up and understand that u don’t deserve such a thing and you should start working and saving money cuz u r going to need it when u grow more old and ugly and lonely cuz all ur friends who used to bang u and say sweet things to u r going to leave u behind and marry a fresh young lady and they will have kids and a happy life and they will forget about u cuz they have no use for u anymore.. hahahaha

  2. 12:30 1- If u really like to show up that u don’t care, u should not respond in the first place, u didn’t respond except for the fact that u care.
    U should have known that since u r an expert crazy evil whore who like to play games with men, things like “play hard to get” or “play decent good person” or “play innocent victim for sympathy” or “play it cool” or “Don’t respond so the man can chase behind ur stinky fart.” or “play it cool and act that u don’t care”, or “Play I don’t remember”, or “Play tough” while u and everyone around u knows for a fact that u r nothing but a cheap manipulative everyday wh0re.

    2- U don’t tell people u don’t care about what they think and go back and suggest to them what they should think, and expect them to care, while u r nothing but a cheap crazy ill sick whore .

    3- Any woman can be a whore like u and get banged by her friends and lie and tell everyone she did it only once or twice when she realize she is growing old, ugly and her friends have no use for her anymore and she need a stupid man to call him “cute” or “kind” just to manipulate him so he can carry her weight and go back and lie to herself and convince herself that she deserve love and she is a good person to make herself feel better, it is not impressive.

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