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The Rebel Capitalist Show, Ep. 66, 30 Jun 2020

Published on 01 Jul 2020 / In Finance & Business

"⁣Brent Johnson (Is Dollar Milkshake Still Valid? Swap Lines, TGA, US Inflation, & Much More!)"

Brent Johnson gives dollar milkshake theory insights 👉 YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS! 👈 Fintwit superstar Brent Johnson and I sit down to talk about the current macro environment, what his thoughts are RIGHT NOW on the dollar milkshake theory (has he changed his view?), the Federal Reserve using swap lines as political weapons and much much more. This Episode is going to blow you away!!As always, The Rebel Capitalist show helps YOU learn more about Macro, Investing, Entrepreneurship AND Personal Freedom. For more content that'll help you build wealth and thrive in a world of out of control central banks and big governments check out the videos below! 👇🔴 Subscribe for more free YouTube tips: https://www.youtube.com/channe....l/UCpvyOqtEc86X8w8_S you wanna see another video as incredible as this?Watch "Kyle Bass Predicts HSBC Collapse In 2020! (Here's Why)": https://youtu.be/QwjiIIht0bwWatch "Repo Market Bailout: TERRIFYING Unintended Consequences Revealed!": https://youtu.be/-2wJWzoSjRoWatch "2008 GFC: Everything You Know Is Wrong! (Truth Revealed)": https://youtu.be/Ku58GQ5dcKUStay tuned every week for new content!#Brent Johnson #Dolllar #KnowledgeBombs

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