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Serial liar Susan Rice to CNN: "Foreign actors" behind riots

The Duran
Published on 02 Jun 2020 / In News

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 562

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss scripted claims on CNN, made by Obama mouthpiece Susan Rice, that "foreign actors" and "the Russians" could be behind violent riots throughout the United States. 

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AvesAura 29 days ago

Alex & Alexander. Excellent Video. Spot On In Your Analysis.
This 1 Was An Absolute GEM. Thanks & Keep Up The Excellent

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AvesAura 29 days ago

PURE PROJECTION (On Rice's Part) You're Absolutely Right Alex.

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AvesAura 29 days ago

Peaceful Protests??? My Ass!!! Rice Is So Full Of BS. It's People Like Her, That Are
The Root Cause Of America's Problems (Not The One's She's Pointing Fingers At)

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AvesAura 29 days ago

Someone Should Inform S Rice, That It's The Democrats (Neo-Liberals) In The West That Play
Identity Politics To Divide & Destabilize Society (With Their Antics) Have Been Doing So For
Decades. It Has Been The MO Of The Marxists (Including The Ultra-Left & Neo-Liberals)

In The Past, They Tried To Divide Western Society On Social Class (This Failed) So Now They've
Modified Their Tactics, Using Identity Politics To Create Social Unrest & Chaos, To Weaken Western
Societies. Then Blame Their Opponents For The Social Problems & Social Unrest, They Created.

PS: As For Her Feeble Attempt To Blame The Social Media For The Riots
Now Affecting The US. Well The Last Time I Looked, Socialist Media Like
Facebook & Others Are Promoting Neo-Liberalism (Globalism) & Censoring
Alternative Views. It's They That Are Encouraging Those Protests & Riots.
NOT RUSSIA (Certainly Not The Anti-Globalist Opposition)

The Goal Here Is To Compromise D. Trump's Position, As He's Trying To Get
Re-Elected As US President, By Creating All This Chaos & Mess.

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AvesAura 30 days ago

Update. Last News I Heard. Soros & Gang Is Paying Illegal Immigrants & Canadians To Cross
The Border (I Guess Those Are The Foreign Agents S Rice Was Referring To) To Participate In
The Protests & Riots Happening Now In The US.

PS: As For The Canadian Participation In The US Protests & Riots. Shame On You!!! Canadians
Should Be More Concerned With Our Own Mess & Problems Here In Canada & Not Meddle In
The Affairs Of A Foreign Country. I Feel So Ashamed Of Being A CANADIAN.

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