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Same, lame Russia meddling BS. Trump & Bernie react in completely different ways

The Duran
Published on 24 Feb 2020 / In News

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 479.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the the same old 'Russia is meddling' intel narrative being pushed out by the fake news mainstream media, this time targeting not only US President Trump but also Bernie Sanders.

Trump blasted the fake news saying this is '2016 all over again for Bernie', while the US president pointed the finger at Adam Schiff for the 'Russiagate' Sanders leaks.

Sanders meanwhile agreed with the intel report and media stories, calling Putin a "thug", and warning Russia to stop meddling.

#Russia #Sanders #Trump #TheDuran

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AvesAura 4 months ago

Bernie Is A Stupid Senile Old Man.

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AvesAura 4 months ago

A. Mercouris. Spot On With Your Analysis Of Bernie (Chicken Man) Sanders. He Has
Essentially Disqualified Himself Of Being President of the US, With His Anti-Putin, Anti-
Russian Comments.

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AvesAura 4 months ago

A Message For BERNIE. You're Nothing More, Than A Dinosaur! A Relic Of 19th Century
Political Thought. Someone Should Tell Him, That Communism (Socialism) Has Been
Tried, Tested, And Discredited. It's Beyond Me, That Here In The 21st Century, Someone
Would Still Promote A Economic System (Political Ideology) That Was Responsible For
The Death Of Millions Of People All Over The World.

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AvesAura 4 months ago

Regarding The Chicken Man's (Mr. Sanders') Hostile & Negative Comments Towards Russia
And Mr. Putin. We Get It, Mr. Sanders. You're Nothing More, Than A Prostitute For The Deep
State (MSM) As If, That's Going To Help You Get Elected As PREZ Of The USA!!?

Mr. Sanders Is Such A CLOWN. He's Repeating The Same Old Russian Collusion Nonsense
Of The Amerikkkan Globalist Establishment. By Doing So He Has Discredited Himself As
TRUE Opposition To The Amerikkkan Deep State Elitists.

PS: I Think That Elections 2020, Will Be A Cake-Walk For Mr. Trump. With Opposition Like
That, Running Against Him. Of Course It Will Be Russia's Fault, That The Trumpster Was
Re-Elected As PREZ Of The USA.

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AvesAura 4 months ago

The Chicken Man (Mr. Sanders) Is Nothing More, Than A Deep State Asset.
"Controlled Opposition" To Provide The Public Audience With A Theatrical

PS: I Make The Above Claim Based On 1 Critical Thing. Has Mr. Sanders,
Ever Fought Back Against The Deep State Claims, When Running For PREZ
Of The US In 2016 And Now In The Upcoming 2020 Elections? Not Once
Has He Defended Himself From MSM Attacks.

The Deep State's Main Target Was & Still Is Donald Trump.

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